Weekends to Remember

Earlier this spring, Andrew and I thought we would benefit from a getaway, and that we might benefit even more if we attended one of FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember events. We have been twice in the past, once when we were engaged and once a few years into our marriage. After trying to manage all of life’s curveballs (moving! going back to school! infertility! mom-life! impending house renovation! ) we felt like we could use a little tune-up.

As I started saying to my friends about why we attended the conference: “Nothing will reveal the cracks in your marriage like having a child.”

In all honesty, posing for this photo was actually hard for me. While I knew we’d married our best friends almost 17 years ago, we haven’t felt like best friends for awhile.

Our weekend away also coincided with Maelle’s first weekend alone with Nana and Grandpa. We had just returned from London, and we’d planned the entire trip such that we could fly in and out of Dulles and then leave Maelle with my parents. She was certainly living her best life, or at least it looked like it from the pictures that were sent to us!

She got her own cart (first time!) at the grocery store with Nana. Look at that big smile 🙂

Maelle also helped Nana plant some bush beans, and even got to take one home!

She also got to take her great-grandpa to lunch and see boats at a marina. I also heard there was lots of sugar cereal, mac and cheese and treats involved, too. They all did great and it was good practice for a longer trip Andrew and I have coming up this summer: Cabo!

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