We’re Moving!

Yes, I realize many of you already know this.  But I thought I’d just (loudly) announce it “officially.”  I feel like this whole process had been “hush-hush,” then talked about with those “in the know,” and now, finally we can ACTUALLY talk about it (a.k.a. put it on Facebook).

We just spent the ENTIRE weekend doing indoor and outdoor projects, and today I’m doing MAJOR housecleaning in preparation for our realtors.  We have one coming today and one tomorrow–pray we can get the house listed by this weekend!

I’ve tried to explain to many of you about East Aurora, NY, using local examples (similar to the Oakwood community here) and lots of description (rural, older homes, cooler temps), but I realized, thanks to the World Wide Web, I could just point you in the right direction for more information!

So, if you’re so inclined, visit the below links to see a bit of where we’ll be moving.

East Aurora Village Website

East Aurora, NY – Wikipedia

NYT Article about East Aurora and The Roycroft

We’re both really excited about the move, but overwhelmed with everything that has to be done before we can actually leave and sad to leave our “family” of friends here.  If we seem frazzled all the time, it’s because we’re trying to sell our house and fit in TONS of hanging-out time with all our friends before we leave!

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