(One of) my favorite things…

Nice stationery.

Some women have a thing for shoes (ok, so maybe I do, too) or bags or clothes.  For me, it’s fancy paper.  I love how it looks and smells and feels.

I very much enjoy writing letters.  I love receiving them, so I love sending them to others.

Here are two about to go off to some friends!

*On a side note, Andrew got me my own set of engraved stationery from Crane & Co. for our fifth anniversary–I’ll post about it another time.

*On ANOTHER side note, we’ve had two realtors out to do our appraisals and we’ve been steadily working on the house.  More photos and a progress report SOON!

One thought on “(One of) my favorite things…

  1. I can totally relate. I just wish more places sold stationary. Hallmark hardly has anything like what I used to buy from them. I’ve invested in two stamps with our last name in the middle and the address circling. One has a dove for the holidays and one is blue ink. (Makes bill-paying more fun, too.) I’ve gravitated to computer paper that has designs on it with matching envelopes. It is faster to type anyway and then I sign it to make it personal. 🙂

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