a list

1.  Return tiller

2.  Yoga

3.  Smoothies with girlfriends from the gym

4.  Return call from moving company

5.  Call farm where Hadrian stays for upcoming trip

6.  Talk to neighbor boys about mowing yard?

7.  Get quotes from: carpet cleaners and glass company

8.  Finish mulching

9.  Clean up mess in yard from tilling

10.  Pooper scoop around the yard (sad, but true)

11.  Bible study with Heather (yay!)

-this is my to-do list for tomorrow…pray for me

One thought on “a list

  1. Your list is so long. Hope you can get it all accomplished by the end of the day. It makes my busy day look like nothing! Glad you had time for Smoothies and yoga.

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