The grass is always greener…

…at the sod farm.

Yes, we sodded (is that a word?) most of our front yard during the last two days, and I’ll put down some patches in the back yard tonight.

Here’s the before:

We sodded (there it is again–I’m just going with it) because last year’s hot summer had really taken a toll on our yard, especially in the front.  We’d normally just re-seed, but with the housing market the way it is, Andrew thought it would be best not to have to wait eights weeks to see growth while we’re trying to sell the house.

There was also a pretty decent size patch on the side yard, too.  We rented a tiller and went crazy all over the front yard.  The hard part is raking and dumping the clumps of grass that come up.

Andrew worked so hard, and we had some other helpers, too.  A couple neighbor kids and our friend, Jen.

Hi Jen!  You’re a lifesaver and I don’t know what we’d do without you.

Here’s the after:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Andrew and some of the neighbors completed all the sodding of the front yard last night.  You can see we have a bit left, which I’ll put down in the back yard tonight.

The side yard.  You can definitely tell a difference (we didn’t know which grass we had–fescu or bluegrass, so we went with fescu), but in time that should be less noticeable.

This weekend is our final push to get the house COMPLETELY, 100% ready to put on the market!  Pray for us…

2 thoughts on “The grass is always greener…

  1. Wow! It looks really nice. Can I hire you to do our yard? We’re currently growing mud in the north side of our backyard and could use some grass.

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