What a workday!

I posted a couple of days ago about how cluttered and messy our house has been lately.  Well, today we decided to do something about it.

Andrew finished up the last bits of our bathroom tiling project.

I cleaned up the guest bathroom and put it back the way it’s supposed to be.

I got up on the ladder to dust the shelves in our entryway.  Andrew had to do the higher one–I was terrified!

Check out that bedhead and little sprout ponytail!

We cleaned out the garage last night, which included a “mopping.”  It needed it, I promise.  I had to give it another rinse this morning because the soapy/scummy water dried like broom strokes.

You can see the mulch we had delivered a couple days ago.  My friend, Emily, helped me do the front beds.  The weather’s been pretty yucky, so we’re on hold until we can get to the back yard.

One of the things I wanted to do today was clean the grime off the yellowed window frames next to our front door.  Hi Hadrian!

After I finished cleaning the windows, Andrew decided we should just spray paint the window frames so they weren’t yellow anymore.  I’m glad we did–they look great!

My friend, Jen, came over unexpectedly and helped me touch-up some spots around the house.  Thanks Jen!

Andrew put up some drywall in our basement–it’s been bare since we moved in!

We’ve really cleaned up the basement (with a lot of Jen’s help)!

Up next:  Andrew’s tool area…pray for us!

2 thoughts on “What a workday!

  1. I have to laugh at this. Why do we move into a house with the intention to fix or change certain things, but don’t do anything about them until we decide to move? I’m just as guilty. We’ve lived in our current house for over 10 years and have yet to remodel our yucky kitchen. Guess what will be the fist thing we remodel if we end up having to move?

  2. OHHH Holly! You guys got so much done! I can’t even believe it. You are awesome! The pics of Maggie are so cute. I’m sure Heather is enjoying them too.

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