Mother’s Day 2022

Mother’s Day seemed a bit anti-climactic this year, following two years of giant floral bouquets and over-the-top takeout. After our recent trip to London, all I wanted to do was to stay home and make pancakes!

My gift–my perfume, Mon Guerlain–wasn’t a surprise, as we’d purchased it at the duty-free shop on our way out of London, but Andrew did have Maelle help wrap it. She also opened it for me, too!

Our church, Revive Wesleyan here in East Aurora, had this cute backdrop for taking photos!

And since I cannot find ANY posts that mention either of the previous two Mothers’ Days, here are some shots for posterity:

My first Mother’s Day, 2020, shortly after the world shut-down due to COVID. Andrew got gorgeous flowers, delicious breakfast items from our local bakery and served both us mimosas.

Mother’s Day 2021, I’m not sure what happened that the only photos either of us have are of Maelle and me in our matching avocado jammies, nothing of flowers or our breakfast. At least Andrew captured a sweet moment:

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