the Wilhelms came to visit!

My bestie and her family came for a quick visit last weekend. It already feels like a lifetime ago; we spent this past week in Alexandria for Andrew’s conference and between hosting the weekend before and trip and the trip itself, we’re spent.

The last time Emily and Dan were at our house it was 2018, I was training for my first triathlon and we’d get pregnant with Maelle just a couple months later. Now THAT feels like a lifetime ago!

While we did see each other a few months ago in Captiva, Emily was anxious to come back to NY after their last visit a few years ago. I was so touched they’d take the time to make the drive up to see us. (They said that after they DROVE to Florida—from Ohio—anything shorter seems like a piece of cake.)

They opted to stay in a hotel, but arrived a night early and surprised us with a bonus evening together! With our kids’ schedules and requisite mom-duties, it was nice to have a little extra time together.

We spent Saturday relaxing around our house, watching the kids play with toys and read books. Emily and I celebrated our birthdays (we’re both May 27!) together with dinner out at Rick’s while the boys took the kids swimming at the hotel pool. After the kids were down, I hung out with Emily in their hotel suite, and Dan brought wings and beer to our house to watch a movie with Andrew.

On Sunday, Emily met one of her local Crunchi advocates at our local coffee shop,Taste, while the rest of us played at home and took a walk. After lunch and naps, we got ice cream at Rosie’s! The homemade cinnamon waffle cones are WORTH the extra dollar, my friends.

It was whirlwind of a trip, and there never seems to be enough time for Emily and me to really ‘get away’ together. But, we made the most of it and look forward to our next visit.

In a case of unfortunate timing, Andrew, Maelle and I were also leaving to go out of town Monday morning as well. It made for a hectic goodbye, complete with an overflowing toilet and a dripping mess in the basement! Thankfully, Dan was there to help Andrew clean up, and Emily and I got a few more minutes together.

Perhaps we’ll squeeze in one more visit before Florida next year? One can hope!

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