and this makes it annual

Just a week after Christmas, we joined the Wilhelms for our second trip to Captiva, Florida to stay in our beloved home-away-from-home: Sea Grapes. It belongs to a friend of Emily’s and we are just thrilled beyond belief to be able to stay in such a comfortable home, with our best friends, just yards from the ocean. It may be January, but it’s still the beach.

Last year, Maelle was only six months old–so tiny! She’s gotten so big, and her face in the photo below just about sums up how much she liked Florida–a lot!

Maelle would have walked right into the ocean if we’d let her! She didn’t seem to mind the cold water; she loved getting her feet in the surf and letting the waves rush toward her. The weather was mostly in the 60’s, so a little cool for walking near the water, but sunny and mild in general. It certainly beats a blizzard in New York!

We got out to the beach every day, sometimes to play in the sand and other times to take walks.

We made it to the pool next door almost every day, too. Maelle is truly a water baby–but we already knew that–and enjoyed being in the pool and playing with her papa.

We all took a little ‘morning trip’ to Blind Pass, which is small beach area with calmer water and a sandbar you can walk out to between Sanibel and Captiva. Andrew carried Maelle on his shoulders as we walked through waist-deep water to get to the sandbar. Once there, we had a great time collecting shells and letting Maelle walk around.

Maelle even got a little sun tan on her legs!

Emily and I got fancy and ordered matching avocado jammie tops from Hanna Andersson for the trip! We decided to get the girls in on the matching jammies, too! You can read more about how much I love Hanna jammies and our quest to find matching pants for the avocado tops here. (They are, of course, now available again but still full price.)

Sadly, all good things must come to an end 😦

We spent our last afternoon with the Wilhelms at Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve, where we walked along the boardwalk amidst swamp-like foliage. We saw a couple birds and even an alligator, albeit just his back floating on the water. It was a nice break in the day before our friends began their long drive home and we headed to our hotel for the night.

Until next year, Florida!

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