a good weekend for a sprinkle

We visited Abigail, Marvin and cousin Nora this past weekend and were able to attend the drive-by ‘sprinkle’ in honor of Baby Brother Johnson, who should arrive sometime in May! Abigail’s friend, Lauren, and mother-in-law planned a beautiful (surprise) party and the weather was perfect.

Our girl surprised us with not one but TWO great car trips. She was easily entertained, not overly fussy and napped decently in the car. Perhaps we’ve turned a corner? That, or it’s just SO MUCH EASIER to make it to Philly (about a six-hour drive) than all the way to DC, which turns into eight or nine hours. Ugh.

We were supposed to visit earlier this month to attend Nora’s birthday party, but we all got the stomach bug. So, we postponed the trip, and because I knew about the surprise ‘sprinkle,’ I simply booked our visit for this weekend. I gifted Abigail with a ‘buffalo’ swaddle blanket, something I’d seen when we were both pregnant with our girls, but neither of us had gotten. I knew it would be a perfect gift!

Our trips to the Johnsons’ house always include walks with the girls, ethnic takeout and scary movies late at night. The evening we arrived, we took the girls to a nearby park and Marvin made some new friends!

The girls had a blast playing together. Maelle especially loves Nora’s Disney Princess airplane.

Unfortunately, the only other photos I have of the girls is in the bathtub, along with about a zillion videos. #momfail

We enjoyed Korean fried chicken, Silvio’s cheesesteaks (a favorite from when I grew up in the area), donuts, bagels, nachos and Thai food. Marvin and I are the foodies, and we’ve helped our spouses become more adventurous in the eating department. The boys did a house project while Abigail and I did some shopping and went out to lunch–it was glorious!

When we got home, my first spring bulb was waiting to greet me!

This girl is sporting some new shades and a necklace, spoils from my trip to Carter’s with Abigail. I love shopping for Maelle. Buying clothes for girls is so fun; I wonder if I’d have this much fun if we had a boy? Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of adorable clothes for boys–I just don’t know if I’d get as much joy out of accessories or ‘dressing him up.’

We had a BEAUTIFUL day here today, and we made the most of it with a quick playdate with Maya, a run with Adam, and then a walk to the Nyes’ for dinner. I pulled out all the stops with my Florida-themed attire and traveling wine tumbler!

Unfortunately, the weather gets worse later this week, and they’re even calling for SNOW on Thursday! I hope it doesn’t, for my bulbs’ sake. Anyone else ready for REAL spring??

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