Easter 2021

What a difference a week makes! My parents arrived after a short–but not insignificant–snowstorm that had my spring bulbs covered. Today, it’s in the upper 70s and sunny.

My hyacinth are all up, and I even have some tulips popping open, too. (You can also see the iris and tiger lilies coming up as well.)

This was my parents’ first visit since we got rid of the guest room, and I was incredibly anxious about how they would like sleeping on an air mattress. (Spoiler alert: They didn’t.) We borrowed a nice one from a friend, and I hesitate to spend $$$ on one they won’t like. Interestingly enough, this particular mattress (which I thought was one of the nicer ones on the market) hasn’t appeared in any of the ‘best air mattress’ review lists I’ve read, so perhaps we’ll find a better one. Anyone have any recommendations?

I did, however, enjoy making up the bed and was pleased we still had plenty of pillows and blankets.

Our area normally hosts a sizable ‘bunny hop’ 5K, but it was cancelled this year. Thankfully, a local running group (not ours’ here in EA) encouraged participation and a few dozen people came out to run the course. I intended to bring Maelle, but had to ditch her with the photographer (Andrew) since the stroller wheel was being wonky. (Later, I found out the wheel was simply backward, which I didn’t realize in my rush to adjust the alignment.) It was all for the best, though, as the course is *mostly* uphill and on a busy-ish road, so it was probably better to not have the stroller.

It was mom’s first 5K in many, many years, and she did very well! She’s been running for about a year now, hoping to participate in my Turk-EA Trot this fall!

My parents brought the dogs with them this time, and Maelle absolutely loves Jag and Scooter. She got lots of kisses from Jag!

Having my parents here gave us an opportunity to go out on a date! We *try* to get out to dinner once a month, but even that doesn’t happen all the time. Last month, we shipped Maelle off on a lunch date at the Nyes’ while we streamed a Sicilian cooking class! We had a wonderful time, and I think we may restart our Friday night ‘date nights in’ that we began at the beginning of the pandemic.

Easter morning was a bit of a whirlwind for me, not because we were that busy or the food was that difficult, but because I just had the ‘timeline’ on my mind all morning. Hot cross buns and Easter baskets at breakfast, get the ham in, take Maelle to the park, ice the cake, see the bunny driving by on the firetruck, get ready, prep the side dishes, take the ham out… I’ve come to the conclusion that, sometimes, I like the IDEA of hosting more than ACTUALLY hosting.

Note Maelle’s ‘cheese face’ above!

Regardless, everything turned out perfectly and Maelle got to wave to the Easter bunny as he made his way around the village. Andrew’s parents joined us for lunch and we had a lovely time. Once the dishes were cleaned up and Maelle was asleep, they retired to relax around the fire and I spent some much-needed downtime doing one of my favorite things these days: my nails.

Glamsterdam for the win!

After Maelle’s nap, we joined a couple friends for an egg hunt! Maelle caught on quickly and enjoyed putting eggs in her basket.

So thankful for sun on Easter, friends and family with which to share it, and for the promise of new life–both for us in Jesus, and that Spring is just around the corner.

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