our first (stomach) bug

You can guess how well the last week went… The stomach bug with a toddler is NO JOKE. And–looking back–it really didn’t even hit us *that hard.* I truly do not know how larger families deal when illness runs rampant through their houses.

Shortly after we put Maelle down on Tuesday night, Andrew started complaining of an upset stomach. I felt fine, and we both figured he was just having discomfort related to the cauliflower in the soup we had for dinner. He is a bit lactose-intolerant and doesn’t handle overly greasy foods well (none of which we had, but still), so we chalked it up to his sensitive GI tract.

Unfortunately, within a couple hours he was hugging the porcelain throne. Poor guy. He went downstairs to recover on the couch with some Netflix, and I went to bed.

A few hours later, I awoke to the sound of the shower–and more sickness–in our bathroom. I still felt fine, but noticed Maelle tossing and turning on the monitor. It was a blessing I’d woken up, as I noticed she’d vomited in her crib and was able to get to her before it became a bigger mess. We cleaned her up, brought her in bed with us, and she promptly threw up–twice.

Again, thankfully, it was minimal and she settled down quickly. We attempted to have her sleep with us, but as we aren’t accustomed to that, I realized none of us would get good rest that way. It was close to 5 am at this point, so she went to her bed and we all crashed for the next few hours.

Andrew spent the following day–Wednesday–on the couch in the fetal position, while I scrubbed bathrooms and did laundry. SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY. When more than one person is sick, it’s ALL got to be done: the sheets, the towels, the clothes. Five loads just that day. Maelle joined him on the couch and watched way too much Cocomelon. I also headed out to the grocery store for Saltines, Gatorade and Sprite.

Unfortunately, it came for me the following day. I wasn’t incapacitated until later in the afternoon, and thankfully wasn’t ever technically ‘sick,’ but I was certainly wishing the contents of my stomach would disappear one way or another! I awoke in the middle of the night feeling slightly better but sleepless; after a hot shower and a change into jammies, (I’d crawled into bed in my clothes and without so much as brushing my teeth–ugh.) I was much more comfortable and able to sleep.

I awoke Friday morning feeling much better, which was a huge blessing, as poor Maelle awoke with poop OOZING from the front of her diaper! Not sure Andrew would have been able to handle that on his own. She and I spent the day on the couch while Andrew managed work and playing nursemaid.

By the weekend, we were mostly recovered and I was focused on feeing Maelle the BRAT diet to get a handle what was coming out the other end…so I made us pumpkin pancakes with bananas! We always fed our dog, Hadrian, canned pumpkin when he had the runs, so I figured it would work for Maelle, too.

Maelle and I spent Saturday together, since Andrew had to catch up on missed work. We finally got outside for some fresh air!

Anyone have any good toddler-with-stomach-bug stories to share??

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