Marching into Spring

Ha! See what I did there?

We had another relatively quiet weekend here at home, although I did get out to serve on the Encouragement Team at church on Saturday. We meet to write cards for different groups of people each month–this month we penned 150 notes to the women getting assistance from a local anti-human trafficking group. I tell you what–I’ve certainly met MY people! Hand-writing notes and letters is becoming a thing of the past–as sad as that is–but there are some out there who still cherish the tradition. I love gathering with other women, even for just a couple hours, and bonding over a shared love of writing notes.

Andrew just finished the wiring for the light above Maelle’s play area. It’s a dark corner, and the overhead lights and nearby lamp don’t give off enough light for the space. We liked this chandelier so much we ordered another one for the top of the stairs!

Apparently, the play area STILL isn’t quite finished; Andrew announced today that he’d like to get more FLOR tiles (the carpet) to make the space bigger, as well as a wire basket for ball-shaped toys and some poufs on which we can sit.

On Saturday, we visited the Hygge Hut after Maelle’s nap. It’s a space our local bakery created so people could gather outside, around a fire, for drinks and treats. We bundled up and headed there for an ‘outdoor snack.’

We ordered Maelle some hot chocolate and shared a cookie, but she was much more interested in walking around and saying ‘hi’ to the other kids.

Andrew and I got hot toddies (or was it mulled cider?) to sip while we tried to keep our little Michelin Man upright in the snow.

We usually eat dinner at the Nyes’ house on Sunday, but a jigsaw puzzle is currently taking up their kitchen table, so we agreed to eat here instead. Maelle really loves Adam, who she gets to see frequently on our runs together.

Later that evening, after Maelle was asleep, I decorated the house for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. I’ve always decorated, but getting to experience the holidays through Maelle’s eyes has been truly magical. She noticed right away this morning that I’d changed the garland on the mantle. She even said ‘hi’ to the bunnies!

Not that spring is coming any time soon for us Northerners…the snow is coming down as I write this!

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