a snowy weekend and Chinese New Year

I’ve really been enjoying these lazy winter weekends at home. I don’t know if it’s COVID, or a having a toddler, or just slowing the heck down, but I like having nothing to do and nowhere to go. (OK, there are lots of things we could be doing around the house, but you know what I mean.)

Andrew wanted to do something ‘fun’ on Friday night, so we decided to go to Kone King for ice cream. As soon as we got Maelle into the car, she started saying ‘Nyes’ over and over again. Clearly, she equates ‘fun’ and going places in the car with the Nyes’ house. I hated disappointing her, and knew it would make a fun story to tell her honorary grandparents.

Also, major mom-fail on my part: I didn’t bring a single bib or wipe with us. I don’t know if this should be a victory for the ‘letting it go’ side of things, or if I really should get better about keeping back-up supplies in the car… Wet napkins for clean up it was!

Saturday dawned gray and snowy! It was a perfect day for cozy clothes, snuggles in bed and playing in the snow!

Maelle and I played in the snow while Andrew cleared the driveway AND some snow and ice off the roof.

That evening, we celebrated Chinese New Year with the Nyes. (Technically, Chinese New Year was February 12 this year, but we schedule it around when the Nyes’ son, Alex, can come into town to join us.) I blogged about it for the first time in 2014, and I mention having done it the year before, so we’re fast approaching a decade-long tradition. Years ago, Mrs. Nye and I would each make multiple dishes from scratch, and it was SO MUCH WORK. Over the years, take-out soup and store-bought egg rolls have crept into the menu, and the main courses are chosen based on how FEW ingredients they have, instead of how MANY.

Mrs. Nye always works so hard to make sure we all have fun; she decorates the kitchen and everyone gets an authentic red envelope filled with a dollar. One lucky attendee gets $5! Fun fact: the red kimono Maelle is wearing was actually MINE (or perhaps my sisters’?) when I was her age; my dad brought it back from Japan!

Here’s a throwback to last year, when Maelle was six or seven months old:

We always end our Chinese New Year celebration with fireworks in the driveway! Actually, we usually do candle-filled lanterns that float off into the night sky, but that practice gives Mr. Nye a heart attack every year–especially after one got caught in a tree–so Mrs. Nye stuck with just the stationary pyrotechnics this year.

Maelle was absolutely mesmerized by the lights and sounds of the fireworks. She would also stay and play in the snow until she turned into a popsicle, so we finally dragged her in for some hot cocoa.

Do you ever celebrate Chinese New Year?

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