Chinese New Year

Last night, we celebrated Chinese New Year with the Nyes.  We held a CNY party last year with them, too, and I think this has already become a yearly ‘must-do.’

Mrs. Nye and I grab all our Asian cookbooks, our hot beverages of choice (coffee for me, tea for her) and we sit at her kitchen table and plan the menu.  This year, I joined them on a trip up to Amherst to visit an Asian grocer to pick up fortune cookies and lucky money envelopes.



This year, we had: white and fried rice, chicken lo-mein, beef and broccoli, egg rolls, shrimp with snow peas, beets with chili garlic sauce and scallops over tropical fruit.




Mrs. Nye and I manned (or WOmanned) the stove, side by side, to stir-fry everything at the last minute.



Even Andrew made an appearance to lend a hand, if only to take a photo or two.


I’ve already started a list of dishes for nest year’s feast…


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