valentine’s day breakfast

In my continued effort to make something from each one of Pioneer Woman’s book of holidays, I decided to add ‘make special breakfast’ to my already busy day.

You’re shocked, I know.


Of course, there was a card for Andrew and I grabbed the cute Valentines Day cups, plates and bowls that we use exactly once a year (if I get my act together).


I made her ‘heuvos in a heart’ tortillas, which is a play on the better-known ‘egg in a hole.’

I also made chocolate cherry smoothies:


Andrew was a bit surprised after his first sip, as he assumed it was blueberry or something. In his defense, I think I accidentally erred on the side of more chocolate rather than more cherry…or was it an accident!?

Anyway, it was a festive morning at our place. I might even have some special Pioneer Woman treats for tonight as a surprise…


White chocolate-covered graham cracker s’mores! (Made with Nutella instead of chocolate and I cooked the marshmallows on the stove!)

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