4th Annual Turk-EA Trot and Maelle’s 1st Thanksgiving

Four years ago, myself and six others gathered at the East Aurora Cooperative Market to run the first Turk-EA Trot.  I always hoped the race would take off, and this year, IT DID.  We had 161 registered runners, up from just 60 last year!  The turnout is an even bigger feat when you take into account that we charged a fee (in the past it’s been free), and did not do much advertising.  In all honesty, we probably could have had a much larger event, but I never dreamed I’d have a baby in the same year I’d have to make this race ‘official.’  It was all I could do to line up event sanctioning and coordinate with the East Aurora Police Department.

Thankfully, I had a handful of volunteers from the run group who helped me pull this thing off.  I did a lot of work behind the scenes ahead of time, and was able to show up the morning of the race and simply watch it all unfold–while holding the baby.

Due to some major construction in the village, we started and ended the race in the Oakwood Plaza, about a block away from the site of registration, the Boys and Girls Club.  The club was gracious enough to let us use the facility free of charge, and their location just off Main Street and near the East Aurora Cooperative Market is perfect.  I look forward to a long and happy partnership between the race and the club going forward.

About half the participants registered prior to the event, and half registered that morning.  One of my friends from running group, Drew, was kind enough to donate 100 shirts for the event.  I think we were all surprised that we almost ran out of them beforehand!

Historically, awards go the first place male and female, as well as one for best costume.  This year, an entire family won the costume award!  They even dressed up their dogs!  In the future, I’d like to add age-group awards as well.

With more than 150 participants, it’s time to hire a race-management company to provide registration and timing for next year.  It’s so exciting to see this event grow, and to hear such positive feedback from participants.  I wanted to provide a turkey trot that is low-key and closer to home than the race in Buffalo, and it’s becoming clear that it’s a much-needed event around here!

Later that day, Andrew whipped up the brussels sprouts and we headed over to my in-laws’ with the baby and our other Thanksgiving offerings.  This year: sweet potatoes and an apple pie.

Maelle wore a sweet Thanksgiving outfit she got from her gram and enjoyed playing with her cousin, Nora, who is only four months older than she is. (Nora looks enormous in this photo, but they’re almost the same size!)

We enjoyed lots of downtime at my in-laws’ house, and even had the Nye boys over for games.

On Saturday, Maelle made her first trip to get our Christmas tree!  Later, we took advantage of ‘small business Saturday’ and did some shopping on Main Street.  Andrew has one more day off of work, and I’m hoping to get the house decorated tomorrow while he’s home.

We’re looking forward to Maelle’s first Christmas around here!

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