Pregnancy: Showering Baby, Part 1

Baby Layer sure has been celebrated!  She’s attended three showers and a brunch, with one more (small) event coming up in a few days.  This little girl has been highly anticipated, and I’m so grateful to all my friends and family for wanting to celebrate our little miracle.  A few weeks ago (almost a month, now!), I drove down to DC to spend the weekend with family and attend a baby shower my mom and sister-in-law, Hannah, planned for me. Along the way, I picked up my college girlfriend, Leslie, outside Philadelphia and we finished the drive together.

Mom and Hannah are a great team, and they put together a beautiful pink-and-gold themed party, complete with ‘mom-osas,’ fun games to get guests laughing and a delicious spread of fruit, veggies, chicken salad sandwiches and homemade bruschetta.

My other college bestie, Betsy, lives in the area and was able to attend as well.  It was so nice to see my oldest girlfriends as well as family on the same trip.

Leslie, left, and Betsy, right, with her daughter, Maddie.

About a week and a half later, my women’s Bible study group here at Watermark Wesleyan threw baby a shower at our leader’s house in Hamburg.  They put on a sweet brunch spread, that included this adorable baby-in-a-watermelon fruit salad.  At least they didn’t attempt the decidedly less cute ‘baby deviled egg’ recipe, which can go south REAL FAST. (Google it.)

Unfortunately, I’m picture-challenged (as is my mom–it’s a minor miracle we got even one photo together at the first shower in DC) and took ZERO photos at my Bible study shower.  There are exactly two photos of me, and I look terrible in both of them.  So, believe me when I say it was a beautiful sunny day, I looked super cute in gray linen pants with a white top and summery scarf, and we all sat by the host’s sparkling pool while opening gifts, playing games and praying over baby.

My sweet Bible study ladies (most of whom are parents of adult children) have been there from the beginning–hearing my story of infertility, praying the Lord would bless us with a child and then rejoicing (quite emphatically)–of this sweet girl’s life. I love them dearly and am so excited to be able to bring a baby for them to hold when Bible study starts up again in the fall.  The ladies went in and gifted us with her car seat and accessories, as well as some other items, like clothes, books and a sweet fox lovey.

Up next: Showering Baby, Part 2!

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