pantry 2.0

It all started with this photo on Instagram.

I follow The Home Edit because their feed is basically rainbow-colored organizing porn, and their recent photo of Khloe Kardashian’s pantry inspired me to re-do my own.  I’ve always been the organized type, but after more than a decade (!!!) with this blue-and-opaque Tupperware, I was ready for a change.  Perhaps it’s my nesting instincts with baby only a few months away…  

Click here to see our pantry remodel from six years ago, when it was shiny and fresh.  Don’t miss the ghastly ‘before’ photo from when we moved in–it was a cave!

Like I said, the Tupperware had to go.  In truth, I’d slowly been moving empty Tupperware containers to the basement, as I cooked less and less from scratch over the years.  I purged it all and replaced only the products I knew I’d continue using, like containers for rice, nuts, cereal and baking supplies.  Originally, I planned to paint the pantry white for a cleaner look a là The Home Edit, but when Andrew explained that it would be damn-near impossible to remove the chrome shelving (he basically had to build it into the pantry), I shelved (ha!) the idea.  The clear acrylic containers and color-coding of some of the items gave me enough of the aesthetic while still being practical.   

I corralled items that look messy in the white bins, such as breakfast breads and snacks, and used turntables for easier access (top shelf). 

I also accepted the fact that convenience items like boxed rice, mac and cheese and ramen will be part of my life, whether I want them to or not.  (Edited to add: check out my article in the Advertiser about healthy ways to use these convenience foods.)

I’m thrilled with the result–cleaner, lighter and more functional.

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