the teal-est pantry around

…and it’s finally finished!


We received the smaller shelving unit (on the left) today and Andrew wasted no time in assembling them. I just placed the last item and hung the hooks for my aprons.


The paint color is darker than we both anticipated, but now that everything is inside, I think it works. Andrew said he’s pleased with how it turned out and that it is ‘exactly how he imagined it.’

Despite only gaining a few inches on either side, it’s definitely bigger than before. Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:


WAY more room, WAY better lighting and overall just better use of space.  The best part?  I can walk in and grab something without hitting my right shoulder on a shelf.  And the floor matches the kitchen.  And way more space.  I can’t believe how much space these new (well, one is new, the other is old) shelving units brought to the pantry.

You know how whenever you spruce up/improve/clean a room in your house it makes you want to just spend lots of time in the new space?  That’s how I feel with the pantry.  If I could put a chair in there and just sit, admiring Andrew’s handiwork and my organizational skills (and the beautiful teal walls), I would.

But that would be weird.

One thought on “the teal-est pantry around

  1. Congrats to Andrew and you for creating a beautiful yet very efficient space together. I see the improvement and I would be sitting in there with you with a nice cup of coffee too!

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