epic backyard landscaping project: the prep

Yesterday, I started what will likely be the biggest landscaping endeavor of my life. I’ve been dreaming of this day since we moved into the house, and now that the fence is in, I can finally begin.

I worked with a landscape designer from one of our local nurseries, Murray Brothers. He was excellent to work with, and I learned SO MUCH in the process. He answered all my questions and offered solutions to all of my plant problems, like weed control. He met me at the house on Monday, and by the end of the week I had photos of all the spaces with superimposed landscaping, as well as a to-scale drawing I can use for measuring.

I worked ALL DAY, and was so impressed with my progress. My goal was to get the spaces as ready as possible for tilling, and I didn’t know if it was realistic to think I could do it all in one day.

I had to clear the top layer of grass for multiple places where I plan to till, including in front of the white cedar fence (which is still missing a panel), a new bed along the outside of the patio wall, and a space in front of the door to the garage. Long term, I think the door will disappear when we re-side the house and garage, as we’ve never used it and use the space on the other side to store our garbage cans.

I also had to dig up a row of WAY overgrown hostas, as well as an entire fence line of lilies. Thankfully, I found homes for my uprooted plants, which makes me happy. I hate for perfectly good plants to go to waste.

My yellow garden cart–a birthday gift from Andrew years ago–is the perfect tool for all of these projects!

Next up: tilling and adding compost!

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