Coeur d’Alene (Cd’A): Day 1

I’m tagging along while Andrew attends a conference on grease and lubrication (insert cheeky laughter here). This a bonus ‘vacation’ for me; with my new job (from which I recently resigned), I wasn’t going to be able to take any vacation time until the end of the summer, so we didn’t plan anything for this year. So, this seemed like a good opportunity for me to ‘get away from it all’ after an incredibly stressful season.

The conference is in beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, which is located at the northern end of a lake in the most northern end of the state. We landed in Spokane, Washington, and drove about 40 miles directly East to reach this charming lake town.

One thing we noticed right away was the difference in topography here. I’ve lived and traveled up and down the East coast, in the Midwest and even the Southwest, but never the Northwest. The trees here are incredible! They are almost all pine/evergreen and are SO TALL. The land is so flat for miles, with mountains in either direction.

The resort where the conference is taking place was booked, so we ended up at a local option, The Roosevelt Inn. It’s a 16-room refurbished schoolhouse located just a couple blocks from the lake with a homey feel (including family photos and the owner’s class pictures when he attended the school here). The owner, John, is quite the character and we’ve enjoyed talking to him about the area. Be sure to check out this episode of Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Hell, which featured the inn approximately ten years ago. (Things have improved, clearly.)

After we checked in, we headed to the main drag, Sherman Avenue, for some lunch.  It was a nice day and we were STARVING by this time (up at 4:30 am East coast time, landed at 10 am Pacific time–1 pm for us–with only a few snacks to get us by).  Huckleberries are big here, and we’ve seen it in teas, sauces and ice cream so far.

We did a quick ‘hike’ (it’s really more of an easy walk on a trail) around Tubbs Hill, located just off the main road and adjacent to the lake.  The kids just got out of school around here (so early!), and throngs of them were sunning, swimming and jumping from rocks into the icy water.

It was a ridiculously beautiful day, and we were sad we didn’t have more time for water activities. The resort, below, has a prominent spot on the lake.  To the left of the resort (in the photo) is a small public beach and the City Park; beyond the resort and to the right is the ‘downtown’ area with shops and restaurants.

After our walk, we headed back to the room to change for dinner, followed by a VERY early bedtime!

4 thoughts on “Coeur d’Alene (Cd’A): Day 1

  1. What an amazing experience. I have to ask … which room are you staying in/did you stay in? Did you take pictures or try to compare it to the overhaul that was done on the TV show??

    Do you know the name of the “super tall resort” that you showed in one of the last photos??

    1. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for visiting! We stayed in the Williams Room, but I don’t think it was featured on the episode. We had a canopy bed and the room was decorated with a nautical theme. I didn’t think it had a dated feel at all, just a homey feel, which is common to a b&b. The tall resort was The Coeur D’Alene resort itself, which is where my husband’s conference was held. Are you planning a trip soon?

      1. I am always looking for vacation locations. I am fortunate to have a pretty disposable income to I try to use it to travel. So please keep up the vacation recaps. I enjoy active outdoor vacations so this seems like the perfect location! 🙂

  2. Travel is definitely a great way to spend your time and money 🙂 My husband and I really enjoy going to Europe. This summer, we’re hoping to get a trip in to the Adirondacks for some more hiking since we enjoyed it so much in Idaho.

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