Cd’A: Day 2

We woke up bright and early on Saturday and I had to wait around until my 7:30 am run!  I had popped into the local Fleet Feet store the previous day and inquired about group runs, only to find out most of their runners are in peak training for the half-Ironman herein two weeks.  Thankfully, I did have company and got my own private tour of Coeur d’Alene–complete with restaurant recommendations–and really enjoyed a nice easy run around town.

Andrew’s conference check-in wasn’t until later that afternoon, and we didn’t let the drizzle dissuade us from a hike. We headed out to Mineral Ridge, a 3-mile up and down hike that reaches just over 3,000 ft of elevation.

The trail was wide and easy to navigate for much of the way up, but narrowed and became a bit more overgrown the higher we went.

We continued on to the top after the above photo was taken, and were rewarded with spectacular–if foggy–views.

Our host had told us about the little town of Harrison, about 20 miles South of Cd’A along the lake, where the ice cream couldn’t be beat.  Since we were already almost halfway there, Andrew decided some ice cream would make an excellent post-hike lunch.  We were wet and cold, but I’d go back for the Huckleberry flavor, for sure.

Mine was NOT the big one!

It took about an hour to drive back to Cd’A, and by that time we figured we’d better get some ‘real food,’ so we took another of our host’s suggestions and headed to Hudson’s Hamburgers, a tiny ‘diner’ on Sherman Avenue serving–you guessed it–hamburgers ONLY. Their specialty is beef with onions and pickles and it was delicious.  I washed it down with a root beer.

After lunch, we enjoyed a quick dip in the hotel’s hot tub before Andrew went off to do conference things.  We squeezed into The Bluebird for dinner, one of my running friend’s recommendations, and were not disappointed.  I had a small salad with house-made ricotta and a warm potato-basil soup, while Andrew had pork loin with caramelized onions and Brussels sprouts.  I drank a local milk stout from Kellogg, Id, and they had Andrew’s absolute favorite beer, the Duchesse De Bourgogne, ON TAP.  We have literally NEVER seen this beer on tap ANYWHERE, including Belgium.  (Thankfully, he can get it in a bottle at home at Aurora Brew Works.)

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