we got furniture!

And boy, are we enjoying the heck out of it. 

It seems like our backyard has been in project-mode for FOREVER.  This is summer three of, clearly, a more-than-three-year project.  (It’s almost September and we’ve. done. nothing.  I blame the travel, personally.)  If you’re just joining, or want to see how far we’ve come, check out this post from 2015, this post from 2016 and this post about all the landscaping.  (These photos were taken August 2017.)

I just took a quick walk down memory lane and whoa! Have we been busy!  (Not to mention a month of each of those summers was spent in Europe, although this summer certainly takes the cake in days away from home.)  Do yourself a favor and click the links above–you simply must see the ‘before’ pictures.

Anyway, we are finally ready to start enjoying the fruits of our labor, so we went ahead and spent a small fortune splurged on some quality outdoor furniture.  (For what it’s worth, we’ve gone through almost 12 years of marriage with nothing but a tiny metal café table with two extra chairs for outdoor seating, which left no room for elbows, much less actual plates and cups.)

After MUCH online research and number-crunching, we went with Pottery Barn’s Torrey All-Weather Wicker in Espresso and their Abbott Tables.  Thankfully, we were actually able to snag a bunch of it in-store at a deeply discounted rate, and use coupons for the two items we had to order.

(Check out our makeshift plastic Adirondack chair ‘fence’ for Hadrian, below.  Classy, I know.)

We aren’t quite finished with the set-up; we plan to get two more dining chairs for the table (to seat six adults) and Andrew really wants the matching two-seat couch (to be placed where the two brown chairs are, below).  We also need to get the Sunbrella covers for all the cushions (they come with white cotton), but those purchases will have to wait until next year.

We’ve already had people over for dinners, drinks, fires and just to sit on the furniture.  Part of the reason Andrew went a bit over the top with our patio (besides the fact that he’s an engineer who does all the work to the nth degree) is that our house doesn’t really have a large space in which we can entertain.  To fix that, he figured we’d create a really great area outside to enjoy during the summer months.

So far, his plan has worked!  We plan to finish the fence where the existing posts are this year, as well as have an aluminum fence installed where those plastic deck chairs are lined up, so Hadrian can go out off-leash.  Not sure on the timeline for the pergola…or the rest of the fence.

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