H/B/F 2017: Chartres

While in Paris, Andrew and I finally made it to Chartres.  (It was on the itinerary last year, but we punted to have some extra days in the city.)  Chartres is known for its cathedral, and we were able to take a memorable tour with Malcolm Miller, the resident expert on the church. 

We hopped on a morning train out of Paris and arrived in Chartres with enough time to check out the church before taking our tour with Malcolm Miller.  Andrew had done his research and swore up and down he was the person to go with, and he was right.  Malcolm Miller has spent the last 60 years leading tours and even writing books about the church.  He truly is THE expert on the Chartres cathedral, and gives an enjoyable tour to boot.

After our tour, we grabbed lunch at a cozy café.  My ‘salad’ was a work of art!

The windows in the cathedral are being cleaned; check out the difference below:

We also took a tour of the exterior and interior of the church.  This was the first time Andrew and I got to see the ‘attic’ of a cathedral like this.

Our tour also led us up the all-too-familiar, claustrophobia-inducing spiral staircase–only this time, we got to pop out on top and OUTSIDE.

After wrapping up the cathedral tour, Andrew and I grabbed a drink on the square and some macarons to-go before catching our train back to Paris.

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