H/B/F 2017: Picasso and the Louvre

While we were in Paris last year, we visited the Picasso Museum during the ‘Night of the Museums,’ but didn’t get to finish it before it closed for the evening.  This year, we made sure to see it from top to bottom.

It’s amazing to see how an artist can master so many different styles, from Impressionism to Cubism and many in between.  I noticed this about Van Gogh, too.

We also visited the Louvre, this time to see more Dutch Masters.  The key to visiting the Louvre is to go on Fridays when it’s open late.  Crowds are minimal and you get some rooms all to yourself!

Check out Haarlem, in the bottom left corner of the painting, below:

Dam Square (in Amsterdam), below:

More still life with food:

Frans Hals, Haarlem’s famous painter:

The Louvre is so beautiful, if a little hard to navigate.

Andrew with Napoleon’s scepter and crown:

There are a few rooms full of larger-than-life paintings:

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