St. Louis-style Pizza

Here’s something I whipped-up for dinner a few nights ago:


St. Louis-Style Pizza!  (Who knew they had their own kind?!)

I found the recipe on Facebook via King Arthur Flour…such a dangerous page to Like.  Seriously.  That, and Kara Goucher’s page…she’s a elite runner who keeps making yummy things from #runningonveggies.  I just made some ‘pre-workout energy’ muffins using oat flour, almond milk and blueberries (and some other ingredients).  Yum!

Back to the pizza.

It’s a baking-powder crust (or use self-rising flour), so no wait time!  It’s also topped with a variety of non-traditional cheeses, like white cheddar, swiss and smoked provolone.  The crust comes out very thin and cracker-like, but not at all like Marion’s (a famous Ohio pizza I liked to describe as a ‘cracker crust with pre-chewed toppings’) since it’s not yeast-y.  The cheeses melt down and get ooey-gooey, and while you could definitely throw a couple more toppings on there, I wouldn’t overdo it.  The crust barely browned on the bottom–I used both a pizza stone and parchment on a cookie sheet–so you don’t want to overload it.  With it’s slightly smokey taste, I think I bit of ground sausage would be a nice addition, maybe some onion?

Anyway, you could literally whip the pizza up in about 30 minutes total, which makes it ideal for last-minute dinner or appetizer ideas.  It’s so light, it really could be an appetizer!  I served it for dinner with salads and we ate BOTH pizzas.  I had been a little nervous Andrew wouldn’t like the cheese combo, but it was fine.  I’m sure he could tell it wasn’t mozzarella, but I didn’t think there was a strong smokey flavor.

Definitely going to keep this one in mind for times I need a quick flatbread dough!  I could see it as an appetizer; I’m thinking friends over, light pizza pieces on which to nibble with a light rose or red wine, followed by something ‘Italian’ like a veggie lasagna with green salads…followed by tiramisu.  Of course.

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