my husband deserves a medal


So I’ve been back to school for two weeks now (hence the last two Paleo challenge day blogs are STILL forthcoming), which means ‘school Holly’ has taken over and wreaked havoc on our entire existence. Or at least that’s how it feels…

After having to drive into Buffalo in really crummy weather all last week, I’ve decided I never want to work full-time and all I really want to do is be home, work out, cook and clean (sometimes), and be able to pursue all my other interests like reading and writing and taking Hadrian to the dog park and countless other things. (There, I said it.)

Anyway, today was really our first day in two weeks that we were home for any real amount of time, and Andrew kicked some major ‘to-do list’ butt. He folded three loads of laundry (that had been clean and staring us in the face for a week), cleaned the cat box, vacuumed the downstairs, mopped up our snowy, salty footprints, played with Hadrian, fixed a noisy exterior roof fan, cleaned our bathroom (I think he forgot the mirrors, but whatever), and vacuumed the bedroom. And I’m sure I’m forgetting some more things, too.


And all this after we hit the gym before church, ran some errands (purchases: snow pants, wine, balsamic vinegar, more Valentine cards, gas) in town afterward and had a late lunch at home. He even snuck some trip-planning time in while I made dinner. (I was in the kitchen the entire afternoon food-prepping, cleaning up and making dinner, then cleaning up again. And doing more laundry, which I folded. It was only fair.)

Back to Andrew.


I love this man. I love this picture of this man. I love that he loves me enough to clean for me. That, my friends, is true love in our house.

More blogging to come before next weekend I hope!

One thought on “my husband deserves a medal

  1. We knew Andrew was a keeper from the time y’all were here for Jen & Eric’s wedding! Your Uncle Roy has been doing all of that and more-grocery shopping and cooking as well as all the other household chores for the past 2 years! I knew he was a keeper soon after I met him. 😉 . And I must agree with you about being home, overall it is fantastic to be able to do everything on youir schedule. perhaps you will be able to find work to do from home, using either one of your degrees. With the type of weather you have I would think many places would hire home employees, especially if you only wanted to work part-time. Or if you don’t want to work turn your blog into a money maker. Or start another as a money maker the possibilities are endless.
    ❤ to you and Andrew

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