Paleo Challenge: Day 19

In case anyone is wondering, Andrew and I have definitely relaxed a bit on the ‘challenge.’ Everything I make at home has still been Paleo (and will be up until the Super Bowl–we’re hosting), but eating out of at someone else’s house are ‘challenges’ I just don’t always feel like tackling. Thankfully, I’m not sensitive to gluten, so I can relax. Giving Paleo a try has opened my eyes to the challenges my patients and future clients (who either have dietary restrictions or subscribe to the eating pattern) have when grocery shopping or eating out.

Breakfast: Never quite managed to eat at home–still rushing off to the hospital in the morning! Two egg muffins with salsa, chicken sausage, kraut and a Clem. Great combo.


Mid-morning: Coffee and my mini-trail mix.


Lunch: Eaten close to 2 p.m.! Got stuck going over assessments with my preceptor… Chicken stir-fry and an apple with almond butter.


When I left the hospital, all I wanted was some hot chocolate. Not a normal craving of mine, but sure. Our plans for the evening got all turned around (kinda like last Friday), so I’m glad I indulged in this treat to tide me over for awhile… (I also indulged in a little retail therapy too…it was a stressful week!)


Instead of heading to the gym for 5 p.m. spin, I met Andrew and friends at our local watering hole where I ordered the chocolate cherry stout. OMG. Amazing. And I don’t even usually like stout.


Our friends were wanting Bar Bill, our wing place (best in WNY!), so we popped next door to get a table. I chugged some water–always a good idea when drinking and my fool-proof way to avoid a hangover–before we sat down at a table.

Their fries are absolutely phenomenal, so we started with some of those:


Everyone got an order of a different wing flavor; I chose medium and Andrew got his favorite: Cajun. We split a beef on weck sandwich. Enjoyed with an Irish ale.


Needless to say, I haven’t slept well the last two nights….all that indulging! Ready for a normal day again.

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