Paleo Challenge: Day 16

Andrew is a ‘cheater, cheater PIZZA-eater!’



I walked into the kitchen around 9 p.m. After he returned home from an event to find him wolfing down Pasquale’s pizza. So much for the challenge!

Breakfast: I took two apple strudel egg muffins (they’re growing on me, and much better from the toaster oven), bacon, sauerkraut and a clementine in the car. I hate eating in the car, in the dark. Gotta get myself ready faster in the mornings so I can eat before I leave the house.


Today was my first day at ECMC, but I’ve been there before with my preceptor, so it wasn’t a completely new experience. We chatted a bit about how I will spend my next month with her, attended a department meeting and I saw two patients.

By 9:45 I was hungry again.


After seeing and speaking with both patients, I took my lunch and a book to the cafeteria. Salmon on salad with avocado, sunflower seeds and balsamic dressing. Side of roasted cauliflower.


Around 2:30, while I was inputting my assessments into the EMR, I got snack-y. Homemade trail mix.


On my way to the gym, I ate two Larabar balls, although I probably didn’t need them. Almost made me full-feeling during spin class, despite how small they are.

On the way home from the gym, I had the last handful of cocoa-dusted almonds from the container in my car.

Andrew was out this evening, and I had just enough time to nuke my dinner before my ‘Writing for Pay’ webinar started. Good thing they couldn’t hear me chewing! I found out that on Wednesdays (so, tomorrow)’during this rotation, I’ll have to eat lunch in my car between out-patient counseling sessions. So, anything that needs to be microwaved is out. I decided to eat tomorrow’s lunch tonight, and whipped up a chicken salad to take with me tomorrow. All are easily ingestible while driving. Stir-fry and apples with almond butter.


I ended my night with a small Paleo brownie and a couple dark chocolate-covered ginger pieces–perhaps my favorite Trader Joe’s find EVER.


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