Paleo Challenge: Day 15

First day back to school! We had an all-day orientation on-campus, and the rest of the semester will be spent in various hospitals and long-term care facilities in a clinical setting. Tomorrow, I’ll be at ECMC from 8-4:30 and will continue there until the end of February. This is my ‘senior practicum’ rotation, and I designed it so I would get experience in both general nutrition assessment, as well as ICU/critical care and out-patient counseling, which is probably what I’m most looking forward to.

All my food was prepped and ready the night before. Definitely going to try to keep doing the advance prep–it’s so nice to just toss items in a cooler bag, rather than have to think and make meals the night before, EVERY night.

Breakfast: Two egg ‘muffins’ with chicken sausage. I forgot that I put a little meat in each muffin, and while eating it I felt like the sausage was too much. But, I need big breakfasts while I’m at the hospital to keep me until lunch–it’s not always easy to snack. I added sauerkraut and a clementine.


Mid-morning snack: Eaten around 10:30. I made it so long, but just couldn’t make it to 12. A tiny homemade trail mix: one piece of chili-dusted mango, some dark chocolate pieces and some coconut cashews.


Lunch: Eaten solo in the cafe, while reading my fad diet book club book. Wish I had more time to finish that up! Chicken stir-fry and 1/3 green apple and about 1 T almond butter. I kept wanting to eat the half-Paleo brownie I brought (pictured), but I was full without it.


Afternoon snack: Around 2:30, a couple of us broke away for a coffee run. I ended up eating both the brownie and homemade Larabar pieces together as a pre-workout snack around 3. Both of those are mostly dried fruit and nuts, so great options.


Post-workout: The friend I’d had over last night for dinner sent me home with some goodies her mom made, as well as some homemade pickled peppers and frozen perch. Random, for sure. One of these was calling my name…. A total Paleo cheat, but it was an ideal time to indulge (directly after exercise), and it’s not like it was going to get any fresher. Just ate the top…


Dinner: I whipped up some Paleo Chicken Pumpkin Curry sliders (we’ve had it before; recipe from PaleoOMG) and more of the broccoli slaw. I served mine with dollops of the spicy guac.


Not pictured: the movie-theater popcorn I ate while watching American Sniper with Andrew and his dad. Excellent movie. I did, however, bring my own beverage–chocolate coconut water–instead of getting soda.

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