Paleo Challenge: Day 17

I’m a day behind and using a free moment to catch up. We didn’t get back from bible study until 10 p.m., and then we went straight to bed. (Translation: i hurriedly did all the things I felt needed to be done and was in bed an hour later.)

Breakfast: Two egg muffins, salsa, chicken sausages and sauerkraut and a clementine.


Mid-morning snack: I broke out my mini-trail mix around 10 a.m. While we were reviewing counseling materials. Wednesday is my preceptor’s out-patient counseling day, where she speaks to groups and individuals about rotating topics.


Lunch: Had to re-pack my lunch to make it more car-friendly as I drove from one site to another. Curry chicken salad, carrots and spicy guac. Didn’t end up eating the applesauce/baby food thing.


Not pictured: afternoon coffee from Dunkin as I ran a quick errand. Before I got home, I snacked on two Larabar bites.


I ran three miles with Hadrian and quickly showered before wolfing down lamb and cauli-rice leftovers before bible study.


Another not-pictured: All the (air-popped) popcorn I ate at bible study. Mindless eating at its best! Tummy hurt after that…

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