Paleo Challenge: Day 12

I made my first set of Paleo muffins yesterday–pumpkin pecan. Paleo baking often includes an ‘alternate’ flour, such as coconut or almond, and more eggs than usual. I was very pleased with the texture of the muffins! Coconut flour has more protein and fiber than regular flour, which affects the texture a bit.

Breakfast: Pumpkin muffin with Kerrygold butter, one egg with a bit of cheddar and half an andouille sausage, plus sauerkraut.




After kickbox, I had errands to run, so I brought along some cranberry kefir.


Lunch: I was running late for my Trader Joe’s date with a girlfriend, so I wolfed down some of our ‘Thanksgiving dinner’ leftovers before jumping in the shower.


That held me from 12:30 to 5:30, when I figured I should eat SOMETHING as I was on my way to happy hour to meet Andrew and some friends at a local favorite, Brew Works. I had a coconut Larabar in my bag so I had that. Good thing, since we spent almost two hours there before deciding to walk next door to 189 Public House for dinner with one of our couple friends.

Dinner: OMG it was phenomenal! I got the duck with blueberry sauce and roasted root vegetables. So good.


We ended our night across the street at Yotality (love that we walked to all our stops last night) where I got a mix of my favorite flavors: red velvet, mint cookie and salted caramel pretzel. A cheat, but a good cheat.


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