Paleo Challenge: Day 11

I took the morning off from the gym in favor of getting some things done around here. I made a meal to bring to a friend who had twins…four months ago. I figured it’s not like life really ‘calms down’ at any point (she also has two older kiddos), so why not? I cleaned my desk, did dishes, made some banana bread with chocolate chips to bring to my friend as well (don’t worry, the leftover loaf went in the freezer!), made Paleo pumpkin muffins, did more dishes and prepped lunch for Andrew and myself. Whew! It was a glorious, productive, stay-at-home kinda morning.

Breakfast: I tried the other porridge recipe, Tahini-Pumpkin, but didn’t love it. Next time, I would sub almond butter for the tahini. It’s so bitter to me!


Mid-morning snack: Same as Tuesday–plain yogurt with raspberries and maple syrup.


Lunch: Leftover Chinese Five-Spice Lettuce Cups. Mine turned into a salad with some avocado.


I had a busy afternoon–dropped the meal off with my friend and. Is ited for a bit, then straight to a story interview, followed by the gym around 5:30. I snacked on some almonds in the car between stops, and I’d brought a small glass of kefir in the car for after my workout.

Dinner: Thanksgiving in January! Thanksgiving meatballs (pork), roasted sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts and homemade cranberry sauce.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as yummy as I though it would be. The cranberry sauce was very tart (recipe from the Paleo cookbook), the Brussels sprouts were somewhat bland and not the greatest texture (they’d been frozen) and the meatballs were just alright. Good thing sweet potatoes can be relied on to always be fantastic!

To end the night: Lemon Ginger tea!


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