Paleo Challenge: Day 13

Insomnia struck, big time, last night and I was up around 4 a.m. So not fun. I find when I eat out and/or drink, I don’t sleep well. It’s probably just an excess salt or sugar in my system. Anyway, I got up a busied myself with my to-do list: check email, finish an article, make more Paleo muffins (two kinds), cook bacon, etc, etc, etc.

Early morning (around 5 a.m.): Earl Gray tea, banana and almond butter.


Breakfast: Eaten hurriedly in the car on the way to snowshoe. Two pumpkin muffins and some bacon.


We made it FOUR miles in two hours–speed demons today! Mr. Perini, our snowshoe guide, brought us hot chocolate in a thermos for after.


We had lunch a couple hours later. I had a Paleo egg and bacon salad with veggies and Trader Joe’s spicy guacamole dip.


Andrew and I had more hot chocolate this afternoon after we met friends for curling at Canalside. I. WAS. SO. COLD. Like, I couldn’t feel my toes.

After we got home, Andrew napped (we were both beat, but I’m just not a napper) and I putzed around, doing more things to get ready for school. I rearranged the pantry (not exactly essential for school, but I wanted to get it back in order after moving the non-Paleo items from easy reach; I ended up re-doing it so less-healthy grain snacks–like pretzels–are no longer at eye level, and better options like dried fruit and nuts are more prominent) and made some containers of trail mixes and homemade Larabars. Of course, in doing so, I snacked on various fruit and nut varieties as I was portioning them out.

Dinner: Bison burgers on sweet potato ‘pancake’ buns with broccoli slaw. So good! The pancakes were a bit sweet and perfectly paired with a bit of that spicy guac dip. They would also be great for breakfast with a little syrup. Andrew even liked them!



We spent the evening doing a variety of tasks, like relocating the Christmas decorations in the basement, folding clothes, painting a baseboard in the kitchen, and of course, cleaning up from dinner. That grill pan makes such a mess of the stove! I also wiped down the appliances and vacuumed the kitchen, all in the name of getting ready to go back to school. When I was finally finished, all I wanted was something cold and sweet: black cherry froyo with some dark chocolate syrup.


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