Paleo Challenge: Day 7

I have been a bad girl.

As usual, things started off well enough, despite rushing out the door at 7:15 a.m. to hit up Wegmans before getting to church early to set-up for First Step, the welcome breakfast I help with on a quarterly basis. I grabbed a blueberry Larabar and one of the homemade yogurts I made.


Not surprisingly, I was starving by 9:30 and wolfed down the egg bake and hashbrowns served at the breakfast at church. While the egg dish had bread and cheese, I didn’t feel like it was a total Paleo fail.

After perhaps one of our biggest bouts of miscommunication (Andrew thought I was meeting him at a local diner at 10:30 after First Step and before he went to the 11 service; I thought he was going to the 9:30 and then coming to find me in the First Step room after) in our entire marriage. Anyway, Andrew finally found me and we called church a wash and headed to the diner around 11.

By his point, I’d been up since 6ish; I was tired, full of eggs and meat and in a total fog. I didn’t know what I wanted to order,except that I did want to stick to something Paleo and light, but no eggs or meat. So, naturally, I ordered the pancakes.


They were walnut spice and drowning in syrup (at least for me) and I basically inhaled them. They might have been the best-tasting pancakes I’ve ever had. (Or maybe I’m just wheat-deprived.) I did feel a little badly for willfully choosing something forbidden, but they were SO good.

I didn’t eat again until after 6 p.m. after I’d done a yoga session at a local studio as a fundraiser for the co-op and an impromptu swim at the Y. Andrew rented me a movie yesterday, This Is Where I Leave You, and I’d been looking forward to watching it all day. I whipped up some tuna salad and added some fruit and air-popped popcorn covered with coconut oil spray and a little salt to eat while watching the movie.


I’m going to go ahead and say popcorn is OK, especially if it’s air-popped. I probably ate the equivalent of one large bag as I kept popping more and more…

As if eating my weight in popcorn (not sure what came over me), I then decided to go ahead and have something I’ve been wanting ever since I tried the salted caramel peanuts Andrew opened the other day:


Yup, pretty much the best way to eat them. Seriously. It was so worth the guilt.

I’m pretty sure that indulging in a little bit of sugar just leads me down a slippery slope on the weekends, since I seem to be fine during the week. I really am looking forward to getting back on the wagon tomorrow morning.

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