Paleo Challenge: Day 8

Well, things were great until Andrew *begged* me to go to Yotality. (OK, ‘begged’ might be a bit strong, but for the record, I said no. And then relented.)

But let’s not let that misstep ruin the whole day.

Breakfast: Pesto eggs and bacon and sauerkraut.


Lunch: Salmon cakes (OMG SO GOOD!) and salad with half a small apple. I served it with a selection of completely non-Paleo condiments, none of which I used.


Mid-afternoon: The two interviews for the newspaper I scheduled turned out to take FOUR HOURS, so I was glad I grabbed a latte in between. On the way home (finally) at 6 p.m. I scarfed a Larabar in the car.


Dinner: I quickly pulled together the dinner I planned, despite not having the time I thought I’d have. Spaghetti squash bolognese, which Andrew just about died over.


As I was cleaning up the dishes, I was ready to go brush my teeth and end it for the night. And then Andrew called and said he wanted to take me to Yotality. I finally relented, thinking to myself that I’d get the tart flavor of yogurt (with probiotics–totally Paleo!) with some fruit.

I should have known better.


It was totally not Paleo, but it was delicious.

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