Paleo Challenge: Days 5 & 6

We were out late last night at a fancy fundraiser with friends and weren’t in bed until 1:30. Clearly, I wasn’t about to start a blog post. Five hours later I was up, coffee with half-and-half and maple syrup (decided to continue that) in hand, prepping breakfast before snowshoeing this morning.

So, to review…


Breakfast: (coffee with h&h and maple syrup), half a sliced apple with almond butter, leftover cauli-rice and pesto eggs, ginger kombucha (it’s a fermented drink, instead of sauerkraut)



Lunch: leftover bacon and pumpkin pancakes sprinkled with pecans and a drizzle of maple syrup; Andrew had two andouille sausages and leftover green beans



Afternoon snacks included a soymilk latte with half the flavor syrup (total Paleo fail; I asked for almond milk and they didn’t have it, and then it just ended up being way too sweet anyway) around 3:30 and then some veggies with cauliflower hummus mixed with avocado and a few almonds on our way downtown around 6:45



Dinner: I went into the event open-minded and alright with not sticking to the challenge depending on what was offered. Our friends took us first to Sea Bar for their beef-on-weck roll (cooked beef surrounded by rice and rolled in thinner beef topped with caraway seeds and salt and drizzled with a horseradish mayo–it was devine). At the event, I sampled multiple cheeses, had a small amount of macaroni and cheese, beef on weck (again, excellent) and a salad. I finished the evening with a giant piece of blueberry cheesecake. It was so yummy. Despite the splurges, I felt fine and didn’t feel like I overate, so, score one for me! There is no photographic evidence of my transgressions. And props to Andrew for attempting to avoid the bread…until he didn’t.


I feel like today was a roller coaster–both circumstantially and willfully.

Andrew and I had plans to snowshoe bright and early, so I got up early and made us a hearty breakfast of eggs, sweet potatoes and sausage. I had a little kombucha with mine.


After two hours of trekking through the woods, we were treated to a wonderful meal made by our friend and snowshoeing companion, a co-worker of Andrew’s. He and his wife had made us beef and barley soup, cornbread and brownie. None of it was Paleo, but it was all delicious 🙂


Later that afternoon–after a soak in the tub and a nap–I made us smoothies using my homemade yogurt, almond milk, protein powder and some fruits and veggies since we had ‘lunch’ at 10:45.


After spending some time with hadrian at the dog park, we visited the Nyes’ house, where bacon and nuts were waiting for us. But, before you think we were better than we were…there may have been some glazed nuts, chocolate covered pretzels and a handful of caramel popcorn involved. At least it wasn’t much.


At this point on a Saturday night, after debating about going to see a movie or stay in, we were DANGEROUSLY close to ordering a pizza (for real), but we rose to the occasion and I pulled off the meal I’d planned to have:



Roasted chicken with asparagus–fantastic! So glad we did that.

Afterward, we cleansed our palettes with clementines while starting our Redbox, A Walk Among the Tombstones. Odie jumped in the photo at the last minute!


We popped some popcorn mid-movie, which isn’t very Paleo, but maybe. If they had corn, couldn’t they have popped it?

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