Paleo Challenge: Day 2

Beef…it’s what’s for breakfast.
We had leftover flank steak with peppers and onions for breakfast. I added a hardboiled egg (that had been languishing in the fridge for almost a week at this point), some avocado and salsa; Andrew got a scrambled egg. We both had oranges and I had some sauerkraut. I have to admit, I do like sauerkraut. Although, I wonder if I’ll still be saying that in a week.

And about that ‘following the meal plan 100%’ bit? Well, we’d mussed it up at the first meal of the day (supposed to be leftover quiche and leftover steak)! That, and the fridge is packed with leftovers ALREADY! Two servings each of quiche, seven chicken thighs, one more serving of flank steak and a turkey leg. I’m not cooking again until we make a dent, although at the rate we’re going in the protein department, it won’t take long.

For lunch, I followed the plan and had canned salmon with olives, sun-dried tomatoes in oil and a splash of lemon. I added a cauliflower-red pepper ‘hummus’ and veggies on the side. I wasn’t going to make Andrew eat canned salmon (roasted, yes; plain from a can of pouch, no), so he had leftover chicken and broccoli.
With all that protein (28g!!!), I wasn’t hungry again, until, well, I wasn’t. Finally at 4 pm as I laced up my shoes for my second trip to the gym (I’m fitting in both morning kickbox and afternoon spin on T/Th before I go back to school), I decided I should eat something. I grabbed half a banana on my way out the door.

After the gym–which is so fun now because Andrew waves to me on my bike as he enters the gym–I snacked on some dates and Trader Joe’s chili lime cashews while I popped dinner in the oven: turkey legs and roasted pearl onions.
I washed it down with a hard cider–gluten free and Paleo-friendly.
A word about ‘extras’: I’m still using the salad dressings in the fridge rather than making my own (who has that kind of time these days?!), since neither of us is doing this because of a gluten sensitivity or anything. Are they processed? Yes. Could I make my own version that’s healthier? Sure. But I can’t do it every night. I also intend to eat some chocolate (super dark is Paleo-ok, Hershey’s is not) every once in awhile. I have a bag of healthier popcorn to sneak into the theater this weekend when we go see American Sniper. And we may have to *fudge* a little on Friday night when we attend an impromptu fundraiser/gala/fancy-schmancy event with friends. Good thing chicken wings are Paleo (pizza, sadly, is not) since Abigail and Marvin will visit soon. All that to say, we’re gonna do our best, but I’m not throwing away my ketchup and mayonnaise yet. (Although I fully intend to eschew those things and even make my own ‘baconnaise’ once I have enough bacon fat saved up.)

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