Paleo Challenge: Day 1

After waking up a bit late (7:05; our alarm was set for 7:37, not 6:37), I raced down and got our bacon in the oven. I used my usual CoffeeMate Natural Bliss (milk, cream, sugar; no hydrogenated oils) in my coffee since I only have like two servings of it left. After that, I have Organic half and half which I’m going to mix with molasses and see how I like that. Andrew’s Paleo friend said she uses cream in her coffee, so I figured I could stick with a little dairy there too. Don’t mess with my morning coffee!

We started our day with pieces of crustless quiche and bacon:



I can’t say either of us loved the quiche; I think in the future I’d rather just scramble some eggs or make it an omelet. I cooked the bacon in the oven, like I usually do.

I added half a grapefruit and a little sauerkraut. The Paleo eating pattern includes fermented foods and probiotics, and the ‘squeaky clean’ meal plan recommends 1/4 sauerkraut each morning at breakfast. I like the stuff anyway, although it’s a little strange in the morning.

For lunch, I had prepped mustard chicken thighs the night before:


The recipe called for 1/4 cup coconut oil to be mixed with some Dijon mustard. I often do a mustard-roasted pork, so this was familiar. For those who don’t know, coconut oil is solid at room temperature because it’s a saturated fat. To work with it, you have to melt it, but it cools very quickly.

Other than a smokey kitchen (coconut oil also has a very low smoke point), I’d say our lunch was pretty good:



The chicken was excellent and was served with salad and grapes.

I snacked in the afternoon on some nuts and then some avocado and a hardboiled egg before a late dinner of flank steak, sautéed peppers and onions and broccoli. I added the avocado to make it like we were having fajitas.


Oh my gosh–so good! Andrew, so far, is a huge fan. (Of course he is; the main food is MEAT.) He’s replaced his usual pretzel snaking with nuts, so I’m just trying to help him keep his portions small.

I’d like to blog each day of the challenge with photos of our food, but I’d also like to include my thoughts on the Paleo/Primal diet as well. The recipes I’m making are from Practical Paleo, unless otherwise noted. Apparently there is a difference between eating ‘Paleo’ and eating ‘primal,’ which is like to explore. The challenge is actually through The Primal Blueprint, so I’d like to explore that website and information next. If it’s allowed in the primal eating pattern, I may include diary back in. (It’s so hard for me to go without yogurt!)

More tomorrow!

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