We’re going Paleo!

(Edit: I wrote this Sunday night and accidentally posted it in the wrong spot. Read as if it were yesterday night.)

Just for three weeks.

Or maybe longer 🙂

Tomorrow is the start of the annual ’21-Day Paleo Challenge’ and Andrew and I thought it would be fun to give it a try. (Seriously–I barely even had to twist his arm.)


Andrew has a friend at work who is into Paleo and I always enjoy talking to her about her eating pattern. (Of course I do.). We’ve started making some better choices in the new year (Andrew is back at the gym–yay!) and we figured this challenge would be something healthy and fun to try. And who knows? Maybe we’ll like it! It is a lot of meat…

While I’m not usually so gung-ho about a diet that excludes food groups (two!), I feel Paleo is a bit more of a ‘lifestyle’ eating pattern than a diet. The more I read about it, the more I realize it’s less about ‘eating like a caveman’ and more about avoiding anything processed, which does include grains and dairy, at least here in our country.

My mom gave me Practical Paleo for Christmas and I’m loving it. The author, Diane Sanfilipo, includes a bunch of 30-day meal plans, which I was dying to try. When I heard about the challenge, I figured the timing couldn’t be better. I’m going to try to stick to it 100%, at least for as long as our budget allows–meat is pricey!

The challenge starts tomorrow, and I’ve already made our breakfast and prepped our lunch, which I’ll share tomorrow. I’ll also share more along the way about the Paleo eating pattern and what I think.

And, in honor of the big day tomorrow, Andrew and I decided to really cut loose and indulge in more bread and pasta in one meal than we’d had all month–we went to Olive Garden for lunch.

Wish us luck!

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