Paleo Challenge: Day 3

It was more leftovers today.

Breakfast: Chicken thighs (Andrew eats and drives to work), egg quiche and half a grapefruit. Disclaimer: I added a bit of ketchup to my eggs. Not Paleo, but it needed something.

Post-workout snack: 1 piece dried peach (a recent Trader Joe’s find that’s become my go-to bite after the gym)

Lunch: leftover flank steak with salsa and avocado on spinach with grapes


There is a dollop of homemade plain yogurt–I had some organic milk left when the Paleo challenge started, so I used some organic yogurt to make my own. I just hated to waste it. And I think yogurt is OK with Primal, so I figure it’s alright in small doses.

Afternoon snack: 2 dates, a few thai chili like cashews and veggies with cauliflower dip and black cherry tea


Dinner: Citrus Cashew Mahi Mahi (it was supposed to be citrus macadamia nut sole, but I didn’t have either of those and I had the others) with green beans and sautéed shallots (which were EXCELLENT, by the way)


At the last minute, I added the coconut/ginger/beet soup from a leftover I had in the freezer. It went well with the meal and upped our carbs, which now that Andrew is going to the gym in the evenings, is important to have at dinner after his exercise.

Another good day! I think if anything, this challenge is showing me just how many processed items I rely on (ketchup? Salad dressings?) every day. I mean, you all know that I would make EVERYTHING from scratch, but I just do not have that kind of time. Not right now anyway. And plus, who can whip up a little homemade ketchup each and every time they need some?? It’s just not realistic–hence, we have Heinz. Oh well.

This may be the cleanest I’ve ever eaten, and it feels great 🙂

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