a surprising valentine’s day

So, instead of the salmon, broccoli carpaccio and wild rice with fennel meal I had planned on making for Valentine’s Day, this is what it turned into:


(We tend to celebrate our “dating” anniversary–Feb. 17–and go out then. This year we’re going to Tantalus in Main Street.)

At the same time I decided to stay at school to get some more work done, Andrew decided to come home early to surprise me…go figure. He had even set up the flowers and goodies when he was home for lunch!

By the time I got home at 6 p.m., we decided starting dinner wasn’t the best option. Pasquale’s to the rescue! I sent Andrew out to pick up the pizza and some redbox movies, while I QUICK! popped the angel food cake I’d been planning to make in the oven.

We spent the evening together on the couch, and I barely argued when Andrew suggested we watch the second movie, too.



I served our angel food cake with a tiny bit of cool-whip and valentine sprinkles–hardly an ‘indulgence’ but my dessert for the week nonetheless.


Well, I think our ‘plan B’ Valentine’s Day was pretty darn good. It’s nice to know that after seven years of marriage we can still have fun doing nothing together and that there are still tearful, handwritten card messages, flowers and unique presents.

3 thoughts on “a surprising valentine’s day

  1. My fiance and I don’t officially celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I did make him dinner last night (as I do most nights, because I’m the chef in our household!). I also bought him a box of Zebra Cakes (Little Debbie), which he LOVES, for some reason. That crazy guy said he’d be happy serving Zebra Cakes for dessert at our wedding…I don’t think so! 🙂

  2. Very sweet of Andrew…he’s a keeper! And it is so sweet to have a guy share Valentine’s Day dinner and kisses with his dog…I’m sure Hadrian was very happy and surprised too! LOL ❤ Aunt Mary

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