in shock

Here’s another recipe I’ve had in my ‘to-make’ binder for like, A YEAR.


Cooking Light’s Butternut Squash and Bacon Pasta. I mean, come on. Does it get batter than that? While it isn’t cheesy, it appeared just creamy enough that I thought Andrew might not love it. Or even like it.

Nonetheless, I had exactly the amount of butternut squash leftover for half the recipe and decided to go for it. It does have a couple different steps, but none are all that complicated. I sprinkled my half of the top with gruyere and popped it in the oven. Twenty-some minutes later, we were enjoying this:


It was pretty darn good! Not only did Andrew have seconds; he had THIRDS. Seriously. I almost fell off my chair.

I might have to count it as our ‘Meatless Monday’ dish this week, as it looks like we’re going to need to do leftovers (stromboli or meatloaf–both full of meat) tomorrow and might do a fish-fry on Friday… I mean,the whole thing only had one slice of bacon in it. That’s not the same as having meat as an entree, right? (Not ideal, but that’s what I’m telling myself.)

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