super healthy Super Bowl

How ’bout that game!? Only in New Orleans…

Anyway, I hosted our family for the event because I had a neat idea: only healthy food! I’m working on self-control when it comes to eating, but it’s also nice to have healthy options, too.

First, I need to brag on Andrew: he vacuumed AND mopped our living room that morning in anticipation of our guests. I love him.

Andrew’s dad suggested homemade pizzas, and I ran with it.


I set out a prep station and then got the appetizers ready:


Chips and salsa and Cooking Light’s Hot Artichoke Dip with triscuits. Andrew’s mom brought a veggie tray.


I made a pepperoni and banana pepper Stromboli:



What is the difference between a calzone and Stromboli, anyway?

I made a sausage and bell pepper and red onion pizza with red sauce:


And I tried to mimic Pasquale’s white pizza, with onion and tomato and a pesto-olive oil sauce:


All of the crusts were a 50/50 white and wheat mix from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes A Day.

For dessert, we had angel food cake with fruit:


And I made a lightened chocolate pudding from Ellie Krieger:


It tasted better than it looked, I promise! And everything is better with a little cool-whip…

Overall, I think we all enjoyed our lighter football-game fare. At least I’m pumped for healthy eating the rest of the week 🙂

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