tomatoes in winter: who knew?

I can probably count on one hand the number of tomatoes I buy in the months between November and June.  They just aren’t that good!  And when tomatoes aren’t good, they REALLY aren’t good.

However, I ran across this slow-roasted tomato recipe in November’s Cooking Light and became immediately intrigued.  I’d heard of roasting tomatoes before, and I’d roasted cherry tomatoes with green onions in the summertime (excellent, by the way), but never regular tomatoes.

I decided to half the recipe and pair it with meatloaf bolognese the other night, and Andrew was blown away by both!



You must make these immediately.  Seriously, I cannot stress this enough.  Less than five minutes of prep, seven (yes, 7) hours in a 200 degree oven and wha-lah!  Beautiful, sweet, juicy roasted tomatoes that are an excellent side dish, or an amazing tomato sauce after a few seconds in a blender.  In fact, that’s up next: (more) homemade pizza with pureed roasted tomatoes.

Happy Thursday!

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