24 hours of painting…again

More like 12, but seriously–it was ALL DAY. I think the blisters on my hand tell me I over-did it a little…

Much was accomplished, but not without consequences; I was dripping paint everywhere and grumbling as I worked. It was very much an “off” day for me.

But, at least now the upstairs hallway and trim are both done!! I started at about 10:30 a.m. and edged until just after lunch. Then I started rolling the first coat before doing the white trim around door frames.


You would think a hallway would be quick–not so. It may be small, but there are way more corners and turns and edges that take way more time.

And let’s not forget the beautiful built-in cabinet than needed to be painted with trim paint…


Check out the color difference in those doors!

I spent the afternoon trim-painting, then broke for dinner with Andrew and had to wait until he got back from Lowe’s with more paint to finish rolling the second coat of brown.

By the time I finished that and the baseboards and the drawers for the built-in, it was pushing midnight. Needless to say, cleaning up the painting mess and prepping for this morning (we’re heading out of town directly so we had to get Hadrian’s stuff ready too) brought us to 1 a.m…

Hoping no more marathon painting sessions are in my future anytime soon…

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