Much progress has been made on the laundry room!

If only we had this weekend to finish up.  Instead, we’ll be heading up to the Thousand Islands for a friend’s wedding, which is wonderful, but I’m in a strangely (or maybe not so strange) productive mood, especially about schoolwork.  Phooey!

Andrew started his final push on the laundry room at the end of last week and into the weekend.  That morning, it looked like this:

Goodbye door!

Hello window!


As of last night, this is how it looked:





Andrew finished the drywall last night and has a few more things to do (some final electrical, framing-in the windows, some tile work, baseboards) before he can spackle the seams and be ready for paint.  It’s really coming along!

2 thoughts on “peek-a-boo

  1. The utility room is looking great! It is so refreshing to know an engineer has common sense! And that he is soooo useful around the house! LOL LOL

  2. I love this open cheerful laundry room. I have a tiny dark laundry room now but I hope ( you have inspired me) to improve it soon. God has given Andrew MANY talents!!!!!! Very proud of that guy….

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