1000 Islands and teal-on-teal

Ever wonder where Thousand Island salad dressing came from?

Yup, here in the 1000 Islands.  I didn’t know that before I read it in one of the travel magazines I found this weekend.  Guess people from here take it for granted that outsiders don’t know that…

Andrew and I rode up with two of his friends from work on Friday for a wedding.  It’s about a 5-hour drive (6 with a stop for a sit-down dinner), so we got in a bit late.  There was a bonfire out back and some socializing before I headed back to the room (the cigar smoke was making me nauseated) to do my nails before bed.  I cannot even tell you how in need of a manicure I was; I thought I might need a jackhammer after this month of house-projecting and painting!

After brunch the next morning, we all suited-up and headed to the ferry that would bring us to Heart Island and Boldt Castle.


The island and castle have a really rich history and it’s kinda tragic–basically a millionaire was building this beautiful castle for his wife and then she died (sad), and so he abandoned it.  It’s been like that ever since until recently when the state started restoring it to what it would have been.  It’s a tourist attraction, and (apparently) a beautiful place to get married.

We were blessed (truly–there has been rain all over the forecast this week!) with sun for the ceremony despite some cooler temps.  I wore my beautiful trench coat the whole time!


But, between the ceremony and the reception we were able to head back to the room, which gave me a chance to lighten the load and switch jackets for the short walk to the reception…

I match!


I got a TON of sleep Saturday night (probably too much) and I feel rested for the week ahead…  At least I say that now.  I’m off to swimming and then a busy day of school, grocery shopping and a Target run!

One thought on “1000 Islands and teal-on-teal

  1. Truly romantic setting and love the castle…sorry this builder lost his true love but now he unknowingly gives romantic beauty to others. Beautiful Holly in blue!

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