Nov. 2.

That’s the deadline I gave Andrew by which I’d like to have EVERYTHING done around here.  (Within reason, of course.  Pictures and decorations–yes; garage door project and wood floor in the bedroom–no.)

Why that particular Friday?  We’re having guests again!!  My girlfriends from college Wendy and Leslie–and Wendy’s two kiddos–will be coming to visit me for the weekend.  How exciting is that?!

Wendy and her husband, Gary, did come visit once while we were in Ohio, and I’ve seen both Wendy and Leslie almost yearly since they were in my wedding ALMOST SEVEN YEARS AGO (can you believe it’s been that long?  I can’t.).  I’m just so tickled they want to come to New York!

So, anyway, I’ve informed Andrew that he has two months to get this place presentable.  We’ll have our furniture by then, and (hopefully!) the laundry room will be LONG finished, so it’s really just a matter of making sure all those little projects happen, like hanging pictures and replacing light fixtures and organizing.  Andrew asked me to make a to-do list by room, so you bet I’ll be on that today.

Fifty-four days…

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